Services - is a service provided by NamesAreCheap to assist clients with the following: 

As a registrant of, we can help with:

-Assist with correcting records of your domain(s)
-Consolidating of your domain(s)
-Consolidating host files and changing host contact of your domain(s)

NamesAreCheap Change of Administrative Contact Form can be downloaded

Please fill-out this form, sign, and fax it to: 760-406-6131 (We will process your request within 1-2 business days — approved or declined)


If you are not a registrant of NamesAreCheap, please submit a ticket form using Namesarecheap helpdesk form below or contact us!

US Toll Free:1-877-416-3325
International: 1-760-325-6263
Secure support:  NamesAreCheap Helpdesk is part of the network.